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Elisabetta Passalacqua graduated in Political Science in Florence and did her specialization in Rome. After several jobs, she dedicated herself to in-depth research of the subtler aspects of life. She met Sai Baba and became first a vegetarian and then vegan. She has developed the study of reincarnation, inner vision, dialogue with the afterlife and higher dimensions, from which almost all of her books and activities stem.

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Think and eat Veg may be food for thought for those seeking the health and harmony of the body, mind, soul and spirit, taking in consideration our physical structure and the laws that govern the universe, human journey and karma. The prerogative of the book is to consider the importance of nutrition for all aspects of life, from the physical to the spiritual, beyond professing any specific religion. In fact, the book deals with the need to know the main types of food and the consequences that result from feeding with one type of food rather than another. It talks about the implications that are behind the intensive animal farms that are run without respect for the animals and mother Earth and what all this entails for us. If we know the effects of different foods in every aspect of our being, both physical and subtle, we can achieve greater awareness in making the choices of food and life for us, our children, and all those we love.






All of my writings, except for the books on nutrition and Lakshmi, were listened to inside of me and transmitted exactly that way, a part from some minor changes to the language, because I felt that it was not easy to understand the message very well. I always ask permission to make these small changes of expression that I make or not, in tune with what I would say and in collaboration with those who tell me so. I am not passive, but detached. The more detached I am, the better and more deeply I can hear and receive different indications at the same time. I ask to limit and develop them one at a time, otherwise my human mind can not manage to contain them nor my hands write them.

Often they are transmitted to me and I perceive images and feelings that help me to understand better. A bit like when I see the past lives. Writing this way I let myself be guided, but I am present, sometimes it happens that I do not want to write what I have been told because it seems absurd or meaningless, and then I see the profound logic that has been developed and everything becomes clear to me.

This makes me not consider the books I publish mine, but to consider them as a collaborative work, even if my name appears for practical reasons. For the same reason, I often forget apparently the verses I wrote and when I read them, I marvel of their intensity, which certainly does not belong to me.

The Beings that send their suggestions to me are different, at various levels, as can be perceived from the different pieces, but they are always in the Light.

With all the doubts that I have had and that I can still sometimes have about myself, I am sure of this, and if I feel confused, I stop and ask for clarity. My common sense leads me to give the benefit of the doubt on how I feel, my mind leads me to doubt and my heart pushes me where I feel called. The human task is to put harmony between these three areas, the writer, the reader, the listener.

I do not ask for the names, except for a few times, and I do not believe that it is important to indicate them, unless I am told to do so. But I recognize the energies, each at their own level and with well-defined characteristics, more or less intense, deep and powerful, but all bright and beneficial. The beautiful and important spirits in my life, that have always accompanied me and that, after so many years that I write, and much before publishing, I have come to know, appreciate and distinguish. They are dear, extremely helpful friends and always available for me and for anyone who wants to listen to them. Sometimes it is enough just stop for a moment and be available towards ones own feelings.

More and more people do it, because it is one of the human aspects, through which to know, disseminate, share, learn and evolve. It is one of the capabilities that we are driven to use more and more in this age of great revivals and innovations. I think it is a gift from who speaks to us and sustains us, trying to help us understand. For this I am always thankful.



What might seem difficult for one person is easily possible for another, since we all have the same possibilities, but not the same timing. The timing is very important when we are in the third dimension and live in a linear concept of time. Even after that, or rather, outside of linear time, timing has its fundamental importance, but with different connotations and different developments.
Our diversity of action with respect to the timing and the boldness of initiative towards anything that is innovative, is what makes us more or less ready to act in certain situations and to provide our support in a change situation that concerns a group of people. In each group there is someone who offers himself as the change element of the group, both consciously and unconsciously, when we are living on Mother Earth. This attitude may seem right or wrong according to who takes the lead, but through a closer look it seems useful and understandable even for those who get involved.
Every era needs light and so does each group, but we know that the light has to be dosed for those that have not seen it for a while, to avoid that it blinds and does not have undesired effects. Light is knowledge, and knowledge cannot be given all at once, but instead must be dosed according to the steps that required for each of us. Here we return to time and its usefulness in the world of the third dimension, where we still primarily live. The epochs are made of groups that orchestrate the whole lot, and of the individuals that push, break the schemes and have different visions. The latter are usually those who take the initiative to break past and present weights of family groups and who want to propose chances to their friends and family members, who they love dearly.
Love in this choice is crucial, as is the spirit of sacrifice linked to it, because often – if not always – so far, these people were and are being ignored and despised for a long time, in one or more lives. This should make us reflect, because a gift should be appreciated the normality of things, but unfortunately often it is not so, but rather far from it. In the Hereafter we know this and who wants to help change the karma of a family or a group knows it deep inside and accepts it, even though from a human point of view can suffer intensely. There is no malice in this, but merely total acceptance of who controls the game of the group. Remember that big become little in order to teach and who drags and pushes primarily serves.
The concept of service is closely related to love and sacrifice. Only the latter, in a vision not only earthly, does not have heavy connotations, but light ones as the word indicates, sacrum facere, do the sacred. It is a choice that leads to wider visions and responsibilities, accepted and shared at a higher level with others that are walking the same path with equal or lower expression and involvement.

In course of time the karma of a family accumulates, as the toxins of a single body, which arise in particular from one or more of its parts, but then diffuse radially up to pollute the whole. Therefore, to get rid of it we need to clean up the whole, otherwise none of its components will be really good, even the healthiest ones. With this in mind we are willing to act for the others and to take the responsibility of dissolving a family karma at a subtle level. This makes the choice a priority for all, for who those in charge and for those who will enjoy the benefits before even being aware of it.
Furthermore, being well and continuing one’s own path of growth, without giving a hand to those still groping in old situations, does not repay those who know that we are all part of a whole, or those who love their dear ones. Family is important in this, it teaches us to regard the others as themselves and to donate, regardless of practical utility for us. Usually those who love more, or learn to love early, are the ones who have the ability to lead a family. Look at the mothers, they are typically the core of a family and are ready to sacrifice for the other components. They are also the ones who suggest the remedies in many situations and who rejoice of the successes of others.
In an expanded view, this same behavior helps us to understand what those who break a position consolidated in time and ingrained in its facets do. Sometimes over the years and centuries a family group has been greatly burdened by the weight of the individuals either separately or as a whole. In order to free the burden, someone who takes the responsibility and breaks with their own research and energy everything that has been created, needs to intervene. The ones that achieve in this are not saints or yogis, not necessarily, but rather souls in search of a great achievement, who want to experience and give a chance to others, taking an overall view of the whole.
They are people who know firmly within themselves, that we are part of a whole and that the evil of the others belongs to us and their suffering is ours.
This changes the earthly vision and reflects the divine one. And in this vision it is also useful to those who make such a choice to help, despite the suffering that this can bring on the physical and earthly level. It is understandable that a magnificent behavior is never devoid of consequences, even for those implementing it. But it is accepted and greatness lies in acceptance. Thus unfolds the world, for now, and this way we contact others and ourselves deeply in our hearts, where the origin of our doing lies, choosing and wanting the deepest connection that we have, where the origin of life lies, after all.
Who helps others knows this, whether it be a family group or not, because in the end it is about families of souls, who respect the choices, failures and common or similar past and future. And here we come to another aspect of the intervention to dissolve the family karma. Its effect is not limited to the people present in the household at the time, but it touches the whole family group as a whole, including the future and also the past.
The future, because a different impulse introduces a chance that was not in the family in terms of energy and to which the new descendants can attach themselves, although current members insist on not wanting to consider it. This is because an innovation introduced into a family becomes a possibility inherited by all, even those who are not aware of it consciously.

The past, because linear time only exists in the third dimension and when it acts on different, thinner levels, where innovations and all the actions dictated by the heart move, our actions are in a timeless space that touches even the ancestors. Those who have left the physical body cannot benefit from this physically in the moment, but will be involved at an energy level in the Hereafter, and will have immediate and future benefits for a subsequent incarnation. Consider that in the Hereafter a common thread with the family and the generations is maintained and often those who have left the physical body affect their family members on Earth and are touched by their behavior.
Exchanges exist and what is good for us, in a more subtle level, does good to those who have or have had relationships with us, even indirect ones, especially if it comes to family ties that are particularly strong.
He who takes upon himself the intervention to break family karma, whether it be for a specific issue or regarding the whole, has the gift and the chance to finally break an unhealthy mechanism that is no longer in line with future prospects. He will need a lot of help to do this, because the energies with which he will be in conflict will be very firm and rooted. Therefore who is to break the family karma will be much helped on Earth and well prepared in the Hereafter, before going down. He will also be well-tested in his ability and firmness of decision, because it happens that at times someone leaves the task along the way, given its heavy load, as to weight and continuity over time. In fact it is never a rapid event, nor appreciated by the family.
The task, however, no matter how long, even from one life to another, has a conclusion, which is reached either with the success of the work or its abandonment, for it has become even more onerous than expected and new circumstances push in other directions or because, most often, it is no longer necessary. The best or more coveted possibility of those who play the role of karma-breaker is that the family members accept the new setting, because in this way the dissolution of the old karma is simpler and its effects are most obvious. A second solution that the family members are aware of the new positive influence, if not in life, just before leaving the body or at least soon after.
In the Hereafter it is easier to have the knowledge of correct and wrong for the purpose of collective development, but those who leave the body carry their own thought patterns, at least in part, and if they did not train a bit before leaving the body, it is very unlikely to abandon them later. This might happen if one is extremely helped in the Hereafter, and the intervention of those who break the karma goes beyond the demarcation of life and death, usually as it is, and will continue to act with perseverance. This means being there with determination and awareness, with love and faith, in the darkest moments, and despite everything.
It is a risk, because you cannot be sure of the results, as everything can change at any moment. For this the karma modifiers are very trained and always supported. It is a challenging task which can break very old, heavy family chains that bring family members to reincarnate often in the same nucleus and to weigh even more their mechanisms, until it happens to break. The more the family settings are rooted and the more numerous are the components that support them, the more time and attention the task of breaking them will require in order to break and dissolve the family karma or set the stage for this to happen. But a good job always delivers results, even if they are not immediately visible in linear time.